December 28, 2001

I'm coding again in my spare time (ok, maybe even in my not-so-spare time). But I LOVE to code. I'm fixing functionality and debugging code for Fox MUD, an online MMORPG, (MultiUser Dungeon/Domain = MUD). It's a text based equivalent to Everquest or such things. In fact, Everquest is based on MUD techniques and technology. So, anyways, visit the link to see some of the Javascript and CGI stuff I've also been picking up on the side.

December 06, 2001

KPMG should know that I have a strict letter-writing policy. In fact, in order to write a letter or email message to me, you must FIRST call me on the telephone to let me know what you are writing and when I can expect to receive it. Failure to do so gives me the right to bill you $500. Oh, and it shall henceforth be against the rules to give directions to my home without my express written permission, even if you are giving directions to someone who has my address and is already in a vehicle.
Failure to comply with these directives shall be treated as an attempt to send me unauthorized mail, and since this notice is posted on the page that they will likely complain about, I consider them fairly warned that I did not welcome their communication.
Email, on the other hand, shall remain unaffected. Thank you for your time and patience.