October 20, 2004

That's it! Finished, fini! 120 credit hours are now complete, and I have earned my degree. I finished my last class final today, and I am done. My time is now my own, and I can spend it doing the things that I enjoy without having to worry about scheduling in school assignments. In December I will receive my B.S. in Computer Science/Programming. Talk to you later. Just had to get that out. It feels good to be done!

October 15, 2004

I've been having a problem with Windows' Remote Desktops MMC Snap-In - but I think I've solved it. The problem was that the mouse would sometimes dissapear in one but not all of the Remote Desktop sessions I was using. There were a few posts on the Usenet newsgroups about this, but I didn't find a solution, but rather a hint toward one. It turns out that the solution is that the particular Remote Desktop session thinks that the CTRL key is being held down. To fix it, merely hold and release CTRL and the mouse will re-appear.

October 10, 2004

Added my Chess games in a link to the left. It links to an index of games that I've put through the Open Source chess engine called Crafty (written by Bob Hyatt). Also, you know those penguins in the last post? Well, seems they ARE plotting something! I saw a movie preview in the theater the other day where they plot and execute a zoo escape. Looks like a ball. Keep an eye out for it in theaters this summer.