September 27, 2004

Because, obviously, SOMEONE has way too much time on their hands, they've created - Penguins are taking over. Not only do I wish I had the time to waste to do something like this, but I wish I had the motivation and drive as well. Then I'd actually spend it doing something useful.

September 14, 2004

Taking my last class for my degree. Of course, rather than pick something simple, I chose yet another course with tons of reading and a term paper. Impact of Sexuality on Behaviour, or something close to that. It's a Sociology major course. At least it's interesting reading ;)

Going to add a section to the web site: Chess Games I've played (w/annotations by Crafty). It's more for my own records than anything else. I'm playing again and I keep making stupid errors. Ah, the impatience of youth, right? The first game can be seen here. I'll make a link for the sidebar and an index for them, maybe with my own commentary thrown in as I have time.

Meanwhile, still busy as a beaver, but almost done!! (smile, keep the chin up - talk at you later)