October 29, 2002

I was having a problem publishing here for a while - kept getting 503 errors on my template file at BLOGGER. But I finally figured it out! It had to do with my Archive template instead of the main template. Saved the archive template and Blogger is working just fine now. Perhaps now I'll write more often?
Found another interesting site on the net. Who says the free lunch is gone? Yahoo is the KING of the free lunch - and they prove it with LAUNCH - Your Yahoo! Music Experience. This site offers a heap of recent videos (and some not so recent) on demand, and a programmable music station. With the ratings system on the personalized music station, you can hear both the artists and genres you really love, while also hearing new artists that they recommend based on what you like. I've been happy with it so far, and with broadband at home it's fast and reliable.

October 21, 2002

Well, folks, I've decided to finally finish a degree program. I've started this semester at Limestone College. They have a distance degree program called Virtual Campus. I've signed up for CO201 (Introduction to Programming) and PS311 (Psychology: Cognition). One easy course and one hard course per semester. I should be able to handle that load. I estimate completion in Dec 2004, less if I can test out of some of these classes. If the load is light enough, I think I'll study on the side and CLEP out of the Calculus course, plus the college also offers credit by examination. I should be able to test out of the Networking courses, and possibly some of the others. Wish me luck! :-)