March 26, 2018

Is this Page Dead?

No, only resting. Blogging requires time, time that it turns out that I don't have because I've been keeping myself very busy. Unfortunately, it's been replaced with 'rapid updates' on my Facebook page or Twitter account, and I haven't taken the time to sit down and write out any considered opinions. It's ironic, because this loss of intellectual depth is exactly the type of thing that I may have railed against in the past.

To the Cloud

I've finally let my web host account that I've had for years lapse. It's been replaced with cloud services from Google. They've already consumed Blogger long ago, but the images on my site were still hosted by a web server provider, LunarPages, up until February. I failed to renew my account, and that broke all of the links. Instead of just paying for the account, I decided to use this opportunity to learn more about cloud services. This weekend, I created a bucket and claimed/verified my domain name on Google Cloud, and moved over those images still being linked to by img tags on my blog. The next step may be to do some deep-link analysis. There are definitely dead links throughout the site as I'd linked to services that have long gone defunct. I may try to come up with some automated way of going through and fixing those as a project.