March 25, 2007

Shutdown Day

Well, I survived a whole day without my computer(s). I run a service for other people on one computer - so that one didn't get shut down, but all the primary computers in my house were turned off all day yesterday. Did I miss getting on my computer? Perhaps once or twice I wanted to get on my PC. I wanted to check the weather, check the movie listings, look for something to do downtown and even wanted to play World of Warcraft instead of watching TV.
Each time, I thought about how I did these things 20 years ago. For example, movie listings. We used to call up the theater and listen to movie listings on a recording. You'd call in, and have to sit through the movies you didn't care about until you got to the one you wanted to watch. If someone started to talk and you didn't hear the times you'd have to listen to it all over again.
For the weather, we listened to the radio, and going downtown ended up being preempted by rain. In the morning we cleaned up the garage, I played some basketball with my son and then it was off to Home Depot to pick up some garden and lawn soil. I sat and watched half a movie while my wife got ready to go out and we went to Tyson's Corner II for some cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory. When we came home we all sat down and watched RV on TV, and the night was over. I went to sleep two hours earlier than I would have than if I'd been playing WoW.
All in all, it was a good day.

March 12, 2007

New Betas - Old Social Networks

I got into the Tangler beta last week, and the Joost beta just today. Tangler is a message board/IM intertwined application, with plans to become the YouTube of the conversation topic. You'll someday be able to post a Tangle onto a message board to bring a discussion from Tangler to anywhere on the web. With an IM-like notification, and an easy posting system, they have some potential to change the face of the message forum on the web.
Through someone I met there, I signed up for Joost today and tried it out. Watched a couple of Mr. Magoo's pretty neat software. It was very smooth, and slick, with content starting not long after I selected it. Hopefully the P2P pays off and they can keep the turn-around time up to the standards the beta users are seeing. The interface was pretty neat, especially some of the widgets you could put on the screen while watching other content.
I also got back onto my Facebook account after some friends hooked up on it. I uploaded some pics there, too. One feature I hadn't seen before is their badge feature - get a load of what it created here...

I guess the Blogdex script screws with that - I'll have to remove the Blogdex code anyways - it doesn't seem to work, and I doubt that it's very useful.

March 05, 2007

Play World of Warcraft ?

This is my character on WOW that I play most often (at the moment). Suggestions/commentary welcome. I'm built mostly for PvE right now as I level up. I will probably restructure for PvP at some point after 50.

Why People Think Government Is Corrupt

If it quacks like a duck..... Let's see - a city councilman illegally posts political signage on public property. Voting-age teenagers then defaced the signs with stickers proclaiming the illegality of the signs, not necessarily the smartest move, but certainly gets the point across..... So sooner or later the police are called in to resolve the argument. Now the teenagers may be charged, but what about the illegal signs? Well, the (local) government appears to be free to not only pass laws, but also to ignore them for their own convenience. The city attorney has directed the police to ignore the ordinance.

This is not so mind-boggling as it is stupid. The councilman who voted for the ordinance against public political signage no less than 3 years ago is now flaunting the fact that he is free to ignore the laws that he helped pass. So, in America, we can pass all of the laws we want, but our politicians are free to ignore them at their convenience? There should be absolutely no question in Glendora, California come this election. The police chief, city attorney, and city councilman should all be voted out of office. I don't know much about that city's political structure, but if articles of impeachment exist, they should be!