October 23, 2007


October 20, 2007

Gah - Bleagh!

I just took the CISSP exam. I have no clue if I passed. Seriously...no clue, whatsoever. There were easy questions....color in the circle exercises. There were hard questions....what? thingamijiggy who? Pick a random letter from A to D. There were questions that made me want to throttle the test writer, and then there were the questions that seemed completely subjective.
From my quick search of the Intra-webs, I am not alone. It took me 3 and a half hours to fill out the answer sheet with some semblance of what looks like someone taking the test might do. Now for the long wait....1 to 2 weeks by what the web says...
My mind is numb. I studied my ass off, and I still have no clue how I did...incredible.

October 02, 2007

Absolutely Wonderful!

Just now, between 7 and 8PM this evening, I was on the phone with my state government senator. Not in a one on one conversation, but as part of a conference call on the issue of illegal immigration. I received the call, and it said if I was interested in participating in a live town hall meeting I could hold the line. I found myself listening to an interactive discussion about the issue, complete with opinion polls and the option to connect with my own questions on the subject.
For the record, I thought this was fabulous! I'll accept these calls any time that I have time to listen, and by the sounds of the numbers (600+ listeners out of 3000+ called I believe he mentioned at the end), others in my constituency agreed with me. I'm not completely familiar with all of the politics of this particular representative (Jay O'Brien, Virginia Senate), but as of tonight I know a lot more where he is taking us on this issue, and I now feel that the questions I have are being addressed.
So, let's hear it for more political conference calls from my local and federal representatives. Let's have one of these a week at least, with random participation amongst registered constituents (voters) to make it fair and balanced. The format was great - and with an online transcript, it would be even better. Kudos, Jay O'Brien!