May 07, 2009

Dear Jeff Bezos - Why Didn't You Say So?

Why didn't you tell us this the first time? I bought a Kindle 1 and I love it. I take it with me on my commute and read the daily news on the way in while listening to some 'wake up' music. Why, just this morning I was trying to download my newspaper from a website that kept failing and eventually locked up my Kindle 1. I was so happy to be able to pop out my battery to reset the device (Had I had a Kindle 2, what would I have done?) . Sure, I've never had to reset a book - but a book didn't download my news over the air for free every morning.

So, yesterday I'm reading on my Kindle that the one thing my device is missing is coming to a new device, the Kindle DX. What is that feature? Why, native PDF support, of course! Had I known that my device didn't REALLY support PDF, but a lousy conversion service that does a sucky job at best, I would have waited. Why didn't you just say so in the ad for the Kindle 1? Why didn't you write 'Not Really Supported PDF, but you could wait for the next version which really will support it'. I wouldn't have had a problem with the extra $100, really. I got mine at a discount thanks to MSN, anyways. After saving $85, I could afford the extra dough.

So now I sit here with my Kindle 1 and my $85, and I'm trying to figure out just how I'm going to sell it for enough to trade it in for the Kindle DX. Hey Jeff, how about a trade in program?