April 09, 2002

A commercial I heard on the radio this morning had me cracking up in the car. It's a commercial for Consumer Freedom, an anti-activist site that purports to weigh the truth vs. media-hype about things like caffeine, red meat and snack foods. I won't weigh or measure the web site's views for you...that's for you to decide. But I thought the commercial(s) was/(were) funny.

April 01, 2002

Just got back from vacation. One of the things we did on vacation was take a 2 day cruise with Imperial Majesty The cruise was fun. If you're going on a cruise, I would give you a few tips...email me. But apart from the minor dissapointments, I was overall pleased, especially with the service provided by many of those onboard, most notably our dinner waiter, Myknos, who was wonderful both days in whipping up something for my wife when she wasn't completely pleased with the dinner menu. The thing that suprised me but shouldn't have, was the international flavor of the crew. The entertainment on board was great, but Romanian accented Country and Western is still kind of silly sounding.