March 08, 2001

It's just AMAZING what some people will stoop to in order to get something for nothing! Our local K-12 is having a fund raiser, in which they were selling pre-packaged pizza kits. They were supposed to deliver the items in a mass distribution on Day X. On Day X -2, they found that snow was predicted and sent home flyers saying that the distribution day was being moved back to Day Y due to the weather.
Along comes Day X, and they receive a telephone call from an unknown individual. This person claimed to have been shorted in her pizza distribution from her order when it was picked up earlier that day. The school explained that NO distribution was being done until Day Y, and the unidentified fraud-meister hung up the phone. Not content to be clueless, it seems this person feels the need to fraudulently claim she was short-changed by a fund-raising effort?! To get some free pizza-kits?! OY VEY!

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