November 11, 2002

Can we please speak out about automated bathrooms? They've just refinished the bathrooms here at work. The whole place is automated....automated flushers, automatic lighting, automated sinks, and even an automated door (big handicap button). You walk into the bathroom, and the door swings itself open all the way, and doesn't close immediately, exposing the hallway to a view of the men's room. Then you walk up to a stall, or what-have-you and relieve yourself. Sometime during this process, the automated flusher decides you're finished, even if you're not, and attempts to suck you down the pipes. As you turn around to leave the stall, one of the automated sinks turns on. Not the one you were going to use, but the far one at the end. You put soap on your hands, and wave your hands under the faucet. A sprinkle of ice cold water ensues, and you desperately try to bubble up and then get all the soap off before the sink decides that you are finished. Now, your hands are cold as ice AND still covered with a layer of soapy film.

What's worse? I think someone paid big bucks to have our bathrooms upgraded...and the stall doors don't even stay shut.....I'll bet if you don't move around enough while sitiing, the automatic lights would turn off on you....and then you think to do I know it's just a motion detector circuit and not a feel like you're being watched...

Too much automation is a bad thing. This is an example.

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