December 18, 2002

They're Baaaaa-aaaack - Received another call from North American Telephone Networks - offering me their deal of the day - if you recall, these were the people who would not stop calling me back in July (7-15th, I believe...). I called their CEO and spoke with their customer service department at length, and was assured (I PROMISE) that I would never, ever, hear from these people again. Well, they just called me again (or one of their representatives did...) - So, do I sue? I asked for a supervisor, and spoke with one, a Mr. Donald Patterson. He assured me that he would put me on their do-not-call list. Then he spoke with a supervisor about getting the change into their computer, immediately. I told Mr. Patterson that I may be considering legal action in the matter, since it seems that the company will not stop soliciting me. I told him about the previous incident, and he was doing his best to be very helpful. All I want them to do is to STOP calling us, and to go out of their way to do so, if necessary. Is that too much to ask?

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