March 29, 2003

Ok, so 11 days and no writing - what's that about? Well, I've been busy. Work is busy as hell. We're planning a move to a new office space to save loads of money. The move isn't bad, but the problem is that a lot of things are not resolved yet, politically or technically. So a lot of planning is on hold for the move until certain decisions are made, and the time it takes to make them is just very stressful. In addition, we're busy as beavers with software releases and other projects. School started up again. One of the classes I signed up for (Computer Organization) turned out to be a class I already had credit for (the registrar had changed his mind, apparently), so I had to do a quickie-turn-around, putting me about a week behind on assignments and readying. The class I signed up for is Legal Issues in Technology, another work-at-your-own-pace course. Deja vu is hitting me pretty hard (think Psychology), and I think I'm about 2 pages of writing behind at the moment. (major sigh)

What else is new? Oh yeah, thieves broke into both my wife's car and mine (and quite a few neighbors). They actual drove mine off. The police told me the guy driving didn't turn on the headlights. As the cops tried to pull him over (about a mile from my house), the thieves spun my car out (into a guardrail) and made a run for it. Two of the three got away. Allegedly, one of them stole a bicycle, and was found a short time later a few miles up the road. He's in jail now. Meanwhile, the faceplate on my wife's stereo had to be replaced, and my car is just about totalled (waiting to see what the insurance company says)

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