November 22, 2004

Why do I bother writing in this thing? Bah, who cares. I just put up some more games last night on the Chess Games page. The games that are up on here are only ones that I've played on Pogo because that site emails you a pgn formatted email that is easily saved down and analyzed by a script that I wrote in VBScript (thanks to Crafty/Bob Hyatt). Oh yeah, the Crafty FTP site seems to be down. I guess that Bob's school is having problems with their RAID device, and the machine has been taken down until it gets fixed. In the meantime, you can download Crafty from a variety of pages, but the easiest to remember might be . They also have the 'SE' version of Crafty with different personalities for the Engine. Just in case you wanted to play a game against Capablanca.
As for me, I'm still trying to survive the middlegame without blundering away the advantages that I've learned to accumulate in the openings. I got some books out of the library and I'm going to try to read through them, especially the one called 'Winning Chess Strategies' by Yasser Seirawan. I read some of that book last night, and it had some good advice right from the first chapter.
Getting ready for Thanksgiving. This year I didn't freeze the turkey like I did two years ago. That was interesting, trying to defrost a turkey the night before Thanksgiving....heh. Some lessons you learn because of the pain they cause in trying to right the error.

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