April 17, 2006

Easter Weekend

Happy non-denominational Easter! I'm not religious at all, but in case you are, Happy Holiday. Honestly, even though I'm not religious, I still enjoy all the holidays you folks have given us. Christmas is one of my faves, but Easter is good too, what with all the chocolate and candy. Coconut-creme eggs are a favorite sin of mine.
Of course, now that Easter is over and summer is around the corner, I need to drop into diet-mode again. I've fallen back on some of my bad old ways, and these 36-inch pants are getting mighty tight again. I was on Atkin's Diet for a few months back a while ago, and had dropped from 230 to 190 or so...and I've picked up 30 of those 40 again...seriously time to watch my food intake. It's been horrendous of late.
Easter weekend was good for me, though. I finished my taxes the night before they were due (amazing for me!!), and we went to play mini-golf on Sunday when we went out to dinner (see, I had salad, cheese-fries AND a rack of ribs - this is my problem....I like food too much). I shot a 62 on a par 60 course, so I'm feeling good about my putting game this year....

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