August 15, 2007

My Fire Alarms Went Crazy

11:20PM - All of my fire alarms in the house just went off. Starting at the bottom floor, I go to each in turn, sniffing the air, searching for any signs of smoke or fire. I reach the top floor within the minute, and everyone is up except the wife, who seems to be sleeping through the piercing. She groggily asks me what's going on. The alarms suddenly stop. It's now 11:31. By now, everyone has gone back to bed, and I've googled to see what the f--- is going on with my fire alarms. Is it a hack, is it an indication that someone is playing games with the electrical system? Well, not that I've found. It's as simple as one of my alarms likely malfunctioning. They're 8 years old, so it may be time to replace them. I only hope they stay asleep tonight so that I can....if I can even close my eyes now.

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