February 15, 2008

Giving up Aspartame

On this date, Feb 15, 2008, I have poured out 20 oz. of Diet Coke into the drain. I weigh 213 pounds at 6' 1". After reading about a private aspartame experiment, and recalling similar readings, I have decided that I am switching to a water-based diet, and for the next year will not eat foods containing artificial sweeteners. I will not change my eating habits in any other way. Rather than buy 'sugar-free' jello or pudding (and similar products), I will continue to eat those products with the normal sugar content. I will also not change my exercise regimen of 'occasional' workouts. Completely non-experimentally sound (as it also means giving up the caffeine and carbonation in the diet sodas), I want to see what happens to my weight and health over the next year. I will post on my progress if anything interesting occurs (like losing that 20-30 pounds I'm carrying around needlessly).


Star said...

Very interesting. Keep su posted. I dont drink diet sodas. I don't thik I eat much that is artificially swweetened. But I am curious to see how the dieet hange affects you.

Matthew said...

It will be interesting to hear if what's stronger: the dynamic effects of not being able to judge the caloric content by sweetness vs the static effects of eating more sugar.

RQuadling said...

Good luck and sort of congrats for taking control.

I'm a cubicle worker, so all those cans add up!

Anonymous said...

Eat salad!

Paulie Sr