December 29, 2009

Life Maintenance

Just noticed that the grandfather clock has the wrong time and the pendulum isn't swinging. I've long since learned to ignore the chimes on the hour and the half. As I get up to wind it, 945 email messages are flowing from my main Internet provider's mailbox into Outlook to be sorted, categorized and, for the most part, ignored.

Life has its maintenance tasks, and during the holidays and vacations, we tend not to keep up with them. I have no idea what day the clock stopped or when the family server went down. Someone must have hit the switch before we left on vacation because I couldn't connect to it remotely while I was away. The majority of the email is SPAM anyway, or something that interested me for a while and I want to make time for, but haven't the time to make.

My grandfather clock is now back tick-tocking, and my Bayesian filters are busily sorting the month's email I haven't read. Glancing at the bill box, I have some more maintenance to do this weekend. I know I've paid many of them, but I know of at least 2 that I've neglected to take care of over the holiday.

Well, back to life and its doldrums...

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