February 19, 2010

Food for Thought (Structured approach to the purpose of governance)

Hypothesis: The power of law is the power of armed control. Through law we, as a collective, decide under penalty of armed punishment, what actions for which we will use our collective armament and power to punish individuals or other ordered and targetable collectives. My hypothesis is that this power of law should not be used to regulate morality.

Second Hypothesis: Law, when properly implemented, should not impede upon the free will (which God himself has granted man) of the individual or the democratic will of targetable collectives.

Third Hypothesis: The purpose of law is to protect individuals and collectives from the individual application of force in violation of either of the first two premises. As such, the application of collective force should only be used to deter and prevent others from using force to prevent a part of that collective from going about their own business and exercising their own free will.

To be expounded upon at such time that I actually have time to discuss.

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