May 02, 2010

FiOS Closed Captioning

Do you have FiOS? Do you like Closed Captioning? The default CC style on our FiOS box was annoying - black bordered - too big font, ugly font. And going into the FiOS Settings didn't help, because it doesn't allow you to set the style, like my cable box did. After some searching online, I found that there is a 'secret' menu on the FiOS box. To access it, press STB, and then get ready to press the following quickly, in order - Power, OK, Menu. With a little luck, you wait about 3-5 seconds and a black text on white background menu pops up, where you can change the CC font, background, color options. Make sure to change the CC Options to User while you're here. When you're done, just press the Menu button again.

The small font still isn't small enough for my big screen TV, but at least the annoying black background is off of the letters.

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