October 05, 2010

How Amazon killed music

Some time ago, Amazon purchased a controlling interest in a website known as AmieStreet. I'm not providing a link to Amie Street because Amazon shut down the service last month. In doing so, they killed off the only place on the Internet that many artists had their music available to the public. Several artists, such as Pink Stilletos and Tim McQueen no longer have a place for their music to be published and played.

While Amazon certainly has a profit motive for shutting down the website (which was probably losing money), it helps the music industry continue their power on deciding what music we listen to. Through Amie Street, I had found several bands worth listening to, and thankfully have had the opportunity to download their music. Unfortunately, others won't be able to discover these same artists and share their music with me. The Internet is supposed to be a great equalizer, but it seems that it is still part of the same game that stifles independents. Those with money and power continue to decide what is worth listening to and who will get display time on your screen. Independents without the savvy to use the Internet or the money to invest to get their voice heard have just lost a major opportunity to be discovered.

And that just sucks.

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