February 28, 2011

The Weekend

So, what did you do with your weekend? This weekend the wife and I went to the library - I haven't been for a while and there's a relatively new branch in the main city near me. I picked up two things - "Ender's Game" by Orson Scott Card (a friend had recommended another book by him, but they didn't have it) and a book of sheet music for songs from the 70s. I brought the sheet music home and started learning "American Pie" by Don McClean on the piano. I'm certainly no virtuoso - I'm a self-taught piano player of a few years and I'm only able to play a melody with full-chord accompaniment, but it sounds fairly good on my electronic keyboard with some creative dual-voicing. I've learned up through the first chorus by heart, and with practice I should be able to teach myself the whole song before I have to bring the book back.
We also stopped at Panera bread for scones and a smoothie while we read our books. I'm about a third through "Ender's Game" and should finish it this week. Card is a very accessible author, and so far I am thoroughly enjoying the book, aside from the incredulous level of dialogue that is supposedly coming from a six-year-old. That's my only nitpick with the book concept thus far.

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