June 27, 2011

DC Commuting - The Slug's Perspective.

6:28, I'm sitting in the back of someone's two-seater, heading for DC on I-395N in the HOV lane. I left my house about fifteen minutes ago, and drove 2 miles to a local commuter lot. After standing in line, I got in the first car that called out my destination. I've never met the driver, and we won't speak the whole way in. She's got some kind of religious radio station on that I'm steadfastly ignoring as I type on the iPad. Today, I forgot my earbuds, so no music is being piped into my ears.

6:33, just getting into Shirlington now, most of the way to the Pentagon, probably the most traveled destination in DC during the morning rush, at least for sluggers like myself. Once I get dropped off there, I'll grab a metro train to get to work. Today, I should arrive on time at 7A.

With the addition of the iPad to my commute, I feel almost like I'm being chauffeured to work. I've been commuting this way for more than 19 years, from various points south, and I have never had a problem getting to or from work. It's been a good time to sleep or read, listen to music, etc.

6:39, pulled into the Pentagon parking lot - assuredly much faster than if I'd driven it myself, and I won't be paying for parking or the ride. Riding to work this way saves me gas, parking and headaches. When traffic does back up, infrequently on the HOV lanes, I just take the time to doze off as the driver deals with the stress of the road. I easily save $200 or more a month on gas and parking fees.

6:52 Metro car pulls into my station downtown. I grab my umbrella and my lunch and head the two blocks to my office... A little exercise to get my blood pumping...

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