August 14, 2011

Returned from vacation

We've just gotten back from Orlando, where we spent a week.  We visited Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.  We also saw The Blue Man Group and went to Wonderworks in Orlando.  We have a timeshare, so we traded for the resort, and it was pretty nice with a king-sized bed and a jacuzzi (which my feet welcomed after walking through parks all day).  While it was hot and rainy two of the days, there was no great downpour that prevented us from doing anything specifically.  Umbrellas were probably the wisest thing we packed, both for the sun and the rain.  I don't know why we always end up in Florida in the summer - probably because of the prices.

Some advice for anyone going to the area.  Avoid the ticket booths on the side of the road.  Even those that say they have official tickets.  A) You're lucky if they have any tickets and B) They won't tell you the caveats until they've already run your credit card.  A quick rebate and a wasted hour and a half and we just went to the parks.  All told, I may have saved $50, but I would have had to rework my schedule and deal with people I'd rather not.  And who knows if the tickets would even have gotten me in the gates.  Anyhow, lesson learned - My time is worth more than a 15% discount.

Took some pictures - once the house painters are out, I'll be able to download and catalog them.  For right now, I'm stuck at a library computer for Internet access (or my iPad).  Vacation was good and got me to relax quite a bit, but now that I'm back, things are as frazzled as ever.  House painters have moved all of my furniture to the middle of the rooms to paint, and we've disconnected everything in the house.  My dog is stressed out with all of the activity, but at least we're back to soothe his nerves.

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