January 30, 2012

Weekend Messing Around with CityVille/FaceBook

Load-Divs bookmarklet 1 - javascript: {divs=document.getElementsByClassName("UIActionLinks_bottom"); i =-1; punder=0; }
Open Next Div - bookmarklet 2 - javascript: {i=i+1;if(divs(i).parentElement.children(1).children(1).text == "CityVille") {button_me=divs(i).getElementsByTagName("button")(0); if(button_me.name == "like") {button_me.click(); elem_me=divs(i).getElementsByTagName("a"); if(punder) punder.close(); punder=window.open(elem_me(0),'myscript','width=400,height=500',left='-400'); punder.blur();} }}

The left=-400 doesn't work like I wanted it to - it can be left out...it's a fragment of 'try this' that is left over from playing.

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