October 18, 2012

Fear of Failure?

Fear drives a lot of things in life, but there is especially one fear that is ironic in its nature - the fear of failure. Being afraid of failing at something puts me in the 'frozen' mode. I am so afraid of doing something wrong that I don't take those first steps necessary to succeed, action itself. Like that last sentence, for example. It's terrible in its structure, and normally I would have erased it and started over. (I didn't only because I am self conscious about it due to the subject at hand). My Randomblings have become less rambling over the years, and turned into the Infrequent writings of Rich instead. Part of that is due to fear. Fear of saying the wrong thing, afraid of saying it the wrong way, or just being wrong in general.

This post has been sitting on my iPad for months waiting for me to finish my thoughts on this subject. Point more than proven......

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- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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