July 08, 2013

Agile Development and Documentation

Some wisdom to write an article on in the future:

Agile Development doesn't mean excluding the need for documentation – however, processes and tools can be used to create documentation FROM the process of development.  Rather than putting the cart before the horse to lead him, you allow the horse to pull the cart, and, when you GET there, look back and follow the cart tracks to inform and document the path you've taken (upon which you can decide to pave a road, perhaps).  This is why Agile CAN BE an effective software development practice - because you don’t have to pay for someone to pull the cart ALL THE WAY from Start to Finish and pull the kicking and screaming horse behind…you instead get smart drivers on the cart to lead the horse only to the next step toward the destination and a horse  who is smart enough to walk around the trees.

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