November 13, 2015

Reminded of my Blog

My life is extremely busy.  Not only do I find myself working a great deal, but I also have plenty of hobbies, some of which I have discussed on here.

I actually went for an interview today and when I mentioned how multi-faceted I was [thanks for the word, interviewer!], one of the interviewers asked if I had a blog.  I sheepishly turned and said that indeed I did, but that I hadn't updated it in a while.

Part of the reason that I haven't is that I consider the work that I do day to day to be sensitive in nature.  Not that it's hush-hush, but I certainly don't have my employer's permission to be posting the details of their network design or security implementations all over the web.  Because work has been consuming the better part of my life since Feb 2014, there is very little posted since then.  However, I have certainly had a lot of personal triumphs, changes, etc.  I mostly share these with my friends on Facebook, though, and have really stopped writing opinion pieces for random strangers to stop by and read.

Perhaps I can change that.  I haven't written in a while, and I'm kind of rusty.  I'm going to try to pick up the personal pen and pick my pitiful brain to put it down on this page probably twice a month.  In two days time I will pick a topic, draft an opinion or a rant and type it out for you to read, if you're still there.  And I'll try to continue at that pace - twice a month, while sitting at the TV, instead of falling asleep.  See you then.

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