July 02, 2019

Tales from going Keto

About a year and a half ago, I went in for my annual physical, and I had a list of complaints ready for the doctor.  As I got up from the waiting room and went in to see the nurse, we stopped at the scale.  I stepped upon it and it weighed 225.  I was upset.  My bathroom scale only said something like 218, that's 7 pounds too heavy.  No way am I 225!! I'm wearing my winter coat - I should have taken it off...excuse, blame, denial...

I met with the doctor and told him several things that were bothering me, including the fact that I was fat.  By BMI standards, close to obese.  After taking my blood-work, the doctor also told me that I was getting close to diabetic.  He prescribed me a low-carb diet.  Not no-carb diet, but a low-carb diet.

But the problem, friends, is not the 7 pounds.  The problem is that it read more than 188 at all.  Why should I have been satisfied that I was ONLY 218 when the top range of my normal weight is 188?

Last week I got on a scale and it said 187.2 (after a hefty work-out, so that was a low).  How did I lose 31-38 pounds in a year?

I folowed a keto diet regimen - less than 20g carbs (except for fiber) per day.  Enough protein to keep my muscles from atrophy and fat to tide me over when I got hungry.  It worked, and I lost a lot of weight.  You'll be able to google this regimen, and find tons of information.
And I'm finally finishing this post a year and a half after.  I'm back up to 205, and I need to get back on the bandwagon.  I've been cheating - chocolate and candies at work when I'm stressed.  A donut here, a brownie there...thinking I could control myself.  But I don't, I end up over-eating and stress-eating. 

What led to my success was tracking my calories in an app and being accountable.  When I stopped being accountable (when I reached normal weight), I started to put the pounds back on.  So, as of today, I'll be tracking my food again.

I'll update this post again next year, I hope with better news.

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