July 13, 2000

First off, I'm halfway through Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Fun book, fun series. I like light reading because it allows parts of my mind to rest while exercising my language and reading centers. This book is just as good as the other three so far, if not even a little more exciting.

I went to the SPOCK meeting on Tuesday. That's Security Proof of Concept Keystone, a consortium designed to help the government analyze security products off the shelf for their own needs. At it, there was virtual sandbox application that sandboxes anything you download through web, email, ICQ, etc and watching what those documents do to ensure they behave. It was catching viruses right and left without any virus scanner software, and successfully blocked a buffer overflow I sent to their sales team via email. Used in conjunction with a virus scanner, I'd have to say this is the next step in detecting 'bad' code for the end-user to protect himself.

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