July 17, 2000

Went to the National Gallery of Art this weekend on Saturday with my son. He's 6 years old and isn't all THAT interested yet, but he has fun being with me and I think it's important to get culture into that thick head of his. He needs SOMETHING besides Pokemon his whole life. We went to the modern gallery, as I enjoy modern art more than religious and scenery paintings and such. I took some pictures with my digital camera [MagicImage 500-I/O Magic]. They came out good enough for background images. Another fun museum is the Hirshorn [sp?], although some people don't agree with my taste. I think they have plenty of thought-provoking displays and while I may not agree with all the messages, I find the artist's thoughts interesting. On Sunday, we played Monopoly and other games, such as Go-Fish and stuff, staying inside for most of the day.
I finished Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It was a good book, and got more and more exciting the deeper you got into it. Now I just can't wait for books 5, 6 and 7! A friend of mine has introduced their daughter to the series, and she's nuts about it. I think it's great to get kids interested in reading. My son gets interested, but he's not a voracious reader. I wonder if that's good or bad because I see a lot more socialite in him than I saw in myself as a child. Still, he reads well, and understands when he wants to put forth the effort; I've just got to get him to slow down long enough to do so.
I've found something I like now...beef jerky. Not that I'm turning into a survivalist or some kind of macho hunter. It's a great snack. You have to put so much energy into actually eating it that the calories are practically gone before you've swallowed it, and it's certainly much better than a box of Pringles(tm) to be chewing on. Teriyaki beef jerky is the flavor I've hooked myself on. The only problem with this new habit is the price....$5.99 for 4 oz. of snack, while it lasts a while, seems excessive. I think I've found me some better deals on eBay, but we'll see if they live up to the promise.
Out for now...Rich

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