May 21, 2001

Ummmm.....DUH!?!?! The Day the Rebates Died is an article on Wired News talking about how CyberRebate has filed for Chapter 11. And a BIG "I could have told you that!" to all the consumers who are crying and carrying on. What really aches is knowing that there are folks out there who have been willing to risk THOUSANDS of dollars at a time on this!
The Wired article pretty much says it all with regards to what CyberRebate was and what's going on, but I've just got to say that this was just so OBVIOUSLY some type of Ponzi scheme that I would never have risked more with the company than I thought I had already gained from past free purchases.
If you want to play the game, you make a small purchase and get your money back. Repeat once or twice. Now, add up the true value of those three purchases, and that's how much money you should risk at any one time in new purchases. That way, when the scam has run its course and you are out some $cash$, you at least have sufficient product to show for it.
Of course, your best bet is just NOT to play! I try never to trust a company that doesn't have a valid street address, a working telephone customer service line and a sensible business plan. All three failed when I went to look at CyberRebate.

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