May 17, 2003

My blog has hit a bit of a dry spell. I haven't been writing because I've been busy, or because I've forgotten about my blog. Seems fear is a factor, the more I realize that people may read. I've not wanted to put anything in my blog that might seem off-color, or any part of the 'evil Rich'. Nobody reads the blog anyway, so I don't know what that's all about. I've given some thought to whether the blog is about me, or about the things that I do or find interesting, and that question brings about a weird answer. Are these two things not one and the same? I am what I do. We all are what we do. That is what makes each of us unique, our perspectives, our experiences. Some of the stuff that's UP, first.
Just finished Term 2 at Limestone College. Signed up for 6 more credits on Term 3 - I am on a ROLL.
Jon Davis, a prior associate of mine, has just had a BEAUTIFUL baby. Congratulations, man, and welcome to fatherhood, responsibility and all that.
People continue to send me forwarded emails of emotional or uplifting emails.....sigh. If you were going to write someone a letter, would you open the envelope, stuff in a newpaper clipping, and then just mail it, without adding any personal comment? I can understand wanting to share something with someone, but it seems that that is all some people do is forward stuff all day. Between the corn and the horrible net jokes that I've seen countless times over the years, please note that your FORWARDED sentimental/crap joke email will not be read. It will follow the Spam into the Spam folder.
Cloudmark's SpamNet BETA is over, and now they're charging for their software. We beta testers get to keep our beta copies forever, though. It's a shame they couldn't find a free business model. Their software works great.
I went and purchased a few small toys this past month. First of which was a Lexar JumpDrive - the USB memory stick that holds 128MB of files. The great thing about this is how Windows XP Pro handles it. I put a CD or two of my music on it, and just plug it in to whichever computer I'm at. Windows XP just pops up Media Player and starts playing all the songs stored on it.
I also purchased MIDI cables for hooking up my keyboard. I've recorded a few MIDIs, but I'm not quite used to performing yet. I get nervous and flub all over the place. I'll put a few on the site when I get better at it.

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