May 03, 2003

Second semester is out at Limestone. New semester begins on Monday. I signed up for two classes again - but they may not have processed one of them. Will have to follow up on Monday. We've been doing preparation work for moving out to Merrifield. We got a Meridian One phone system, and I've been learning that system. Trying to make sure that everyone has a good game plan and target job when we get there. We'll be merging IT people with other departments, including acquisitions from last year, and I want to make sure that I can get everyone assigned duties, and take care of stuff from a supervisorial standpoint (target job objectives with measurable results..etc..). Anyways, just have had a lot on my mind lately, and have been working hard, so I haven't had time to write.
Bought a USB memory stick, the Lexmark 128MB one - it's nice. I've already used it to copy my homework folders for next semester to, so I'll be able to have my work with me at the library, or even at the office at lunch.

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