December 22, 2003

:Sigh: Randombling - a word that I came up with in July 2000 when I wanted to create a Blog - now it appears someone has registered the name on the web and begun using it as the name of their newest program to make money for free. Folks, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Pyramid programs aren't new, and they aren't news. What they are is illegal. Besides the fact that the few links I've found to do NOT work when you click on them (404 errors!), a pyramid program is only good for the people who start the program. Then the program becomes useless because there's no suckers left.

I haven't found a working link yet, but being as they're using Paypal, those links should expire as fast as they get their money from you. Does the program work - no. Don't contribute - continue on with your travels on the web. [Soap Box off]

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