December 31, 2003

Lets call yesterday Day 0 and today Day 1. Of what, you may ask? Of me starting on the Atkins Diet. Yesterday I purged myself of all starches and sugars that I normally make the staple of my diet. No longer will I eat Chicken McNuggets, Sausage McMuffins or pretzels and potato chips. Also, no longer will I drink the gallons of soda pop that I have been known to drink in a week's time. I plan to lose at LEAST 20 pounds (I'm weighing in at very close to 230 these days. While I have a big frame, it's not THAT big). I'd like to get back down to 185/190. I was in very good shape at that weight, but if I can just get to 20x, I'll be happy. I figured I'd use the blog to keep a food log and also to let you know what I'm feeling. So, first the food:

Day 0
  • One Ham and Cheese Omelet
  • 1-2 oz. of salted peanuts (didn't know they were illegal during induction)
  • 2 slim jims (didn't know they were illegal)
  • Most of a box of chicken hot wings [0 carbs, I checked]
  • A salad with 1/4 cup of tomatos, cheese and bacon bits (had the dressing because I didn't know better)
  • Lots and LOTS of water all day long

Day 1 - so far
  • One Ham and Cheese Omelet for breakfast
  • 3/4 lb. of Jumbo Shrimp for lunch (mmmm)
  • I plan on having the same dinner (with a low carb dressing I found - Helmann's Rockin' Ranch Dipping Sauce) as yesterday, including the wings.
Even though I had technically 'cheated' on Day 0, I still found myself waking up with sore muscles (notably biceps and thigh muscles), like you feel after a light workout when you haven't done anything in a long time. I haven't gotten a caffeine-absence headache yet (and Im grateful!). My tongue feels oily and greasy too. I had expected problems with my acidic stomach, but I think the absense of caffeine has really helped with it. No volcanic eruptions yet, and no heartburn. We'll see how it goes, eh?

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