April 01, 2004

Not An April Fools Joke. As of this morning, shock jock Howard Stern is no longer on the radio. Is this a joke, an April Fool's joke? Apparently not, as he's been replaced by two candy-talking D.J.'s with the stupid 'bright' voices and the slogan, "Fun Without The Filth". I listened for a few moments, then immediately turned my radio to a news station. Unfortunately, Viacom won't care, because they own that news station too. Frankly, I'm sick of giving these conglomerates my valuable ear-time. I'm going work on my nightly custom news download to CD and listen to that in the car. Update - Well, of course it's an April Fools joke. God, he let it run long enough. I tried back for the second time - and he's back on now. He got me. I wonder how many listeners he lost in the shuffle?

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