April 30, 2004

Somebody keep a watch on Dave Barry! A New Scientist article warns us about the danger of exploding eggs after they have been removed from the microwave. The first thing I thought of when reading the article was: Cool! I need to try that. And then the introspect within said, "That sounds like something Dave Barry might try!". A few years ago[1993 Miami Herald], Dave made famous the Strawberry Pop-Tart for its ability to burst into flames when left in a toaster for too long (*requires a broken or modified toaster). There were numerous incidents on the 'net with pictures and everything of duplications of the Dave Barry experiment. It might be fun to microwave eggs, and figure out the timing to explosion, coming up with the countdown for exploding eggs to see if they'd be viable as low-cost grenades. (*Don't try this at home - you could lose an eye - check the article!)

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