June 19, 2004

Dear Blog - It has been a month since my last writing:
Wow, it's been a busy month. If it wasn't one thing, it was another this month. Lots and lots of homework for 2 of my last 5 classes. The Psychology course ended up being a whole BOATload of reading and had a term paper as well. At work, they sent me on travel to Texas for 8 days and at home my son is just getting out for summer vacation.
I can't wait until I'm done with this degree. I may not go right back for the Master's program, and instead concentrate on other things in my life for a little while.
One of those things might be considering moving to the Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas. Real Estate is depressed there at the moment, and it's just the opposite here in the Washington, DC area. It might be just the right time to buy something down there. I'm trying to work it through the office to find an assignment down there, but I'm not going to marry myself to my company. If I can find something on my own that will make sense, I will go for it.
The weather down there is great, too. We came back to Virginia, and the moment we stepped off the plane, it was like a wall of humidity stopped us in our tracks. The temperature was lower, but it felt a whole hell of a lot hotter.
Well, that's it for the moment...ta ta

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