May 09, 2007

ABC News Silences Posters

As of yesterday, I can no longer view comments on stories at ABC News. I had joined members of the Digg community yesterday in commenting on an ABC News story about Ron Paul. In order to do this, I created a user ID on the ABCNEWS.COM website.
Today I went to read the news on ABC's web site, and wanted to comment on another article that I thought was interesting. When I added my comments and tried to post, I was asked to log in to the ABC News site, so I did. The news article re-appeared, but now without any comments section at all. Not only can I not post comments on ABC News, but I can not read comments on ABC News stories while I am logged in. As soon as I log out of the web site, I am able to read posted comments.

ABC has effectively silenced me as a contributer to their discussions for my actions on the Ron Paul story that I posted about yesterday. They are not willing to participate in actual discussion when that discussion is not the message they are trying to push. This is beyond childish. I will never use ABC News as a source of news again, and I hope that you join me. If not, at least you are forewarned that their public 'commentary' is highly edited to ensure their point of view is held above public opinion.

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