May 08, 2007

Why 2008 Elections May Really Change Things

I posted the following comment on an ABC news article about Ron Paul. Over at Digg, there was some discussion that ABC News was deleting posts that criticized ABC. Please read, discuss, share....

You see, the Intenernet is the medium of the people. For the longest time now, America has had to stand idly by and watch the opinions of newspaper, radio and television editors tell them what they think. From expose to publishing the American 'opinion-of-the-day', the voice of the authors were heard above the chatty din of pub talk and dinner table discussion. Politicians paid attention to the media because it was in their face. Now, the American people have found a new way to express their freedom of speech. It is the Internet that has given their voices the volume that they need to ensure they are heard. When MSNBC decided to ignore the actual poll results and post their own conclusions, we stood up and yelled 'Foul!' loud enough for you to hear us. By backing our opinion, and publishing this article, you have wielded a double-edge sword. You must decide that you will either add volume to our opinion or shut us off completely.

The real story about the 2008 elections is not which candidate will win, but that the candidate that wins may do so in spite of the best interests of the rich and powerful, and that America will stand up and demand some real change in this country despite the lies and deceit attempted by editors and publishers who have long thought they could control the masses. There is revolt brewing. The revolt will not be fought with guns and knives. No, the revolt will be fought with the weapon that the U.S. military complex itself invented to be able to withstand attack from conventional weaponry. The revolt will be fought with the Internet. And the armaments being loaded will be an armament that fought the revolution of 1776 against a tyrannical government. It will be fought with the voice of public opinion, unedited, and with the driving force of an uncontrollable mob that is the American populace.

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