March 10, 2008

Bread Machine

Let's see, this weekend I wasted time. That's pretty much all I did. I played a little World of Warcraft, played with a new physics-based game called Phun, and on Sunday I bought a bread machine. As I was purchasing it, I realized that it had been a subconscious decision brought upon by TV, but I bought it anyway. I had recently seen two episodes on TV that had bread machines in them. One was an episode of Friends (where Chandler makes out with Joey's girlfriend), and another was an episode of Raymond, where his dad bought a bread machine (but he's going to return it) to have a bread making race with his mother.

I had searched online and saw some bread recipes and decided that I want to try it. I still haven't gone shopping for ingredients. I'm going to do a little research to see where I can pick up some tips and tricks for making a good loaf from the start. If you have suggestions, please leave them as comments.

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Matthew said...

Can't beat pizza crusts made from dough from a bread machine. Making a yeast pizza dough by hand is risky and an extravagant use of time. But with a bread machine, it is fairly effortless.