May 01, 2011

Next Up for the Mac - Fixing the Mouse

Ok - the next thing to do with the Mac Mini - fix the damned mouse acceleration. The default mouse sensitivity for Snow Leopard is 'dog slow' - and the Mac Os X Settings panel doesn't let you adjust the sensitivity. I was getting hand cramps trying to move the mouse where I wanted, even with the mouse speed set to very high settings. So I did a little research and ended up with a program called USB-Overdrive. If you're going to get a mac and you have a mouse from the last two decades, you're going to want this program to adjust your sensitivity. I have it adjusted so well that yesterday I sat down at the machine, and actually forgot I was using the Mac while web browsing.

On the XCode front - I still haven't dedicated the effort I should into learning it all like I should. I've been distracted by other things. I downloaded a program from the App Store called Art Text 2 Lite which I used to make some icons for 'Chess Rep' - my target application for the iPad. I also played with the .xib file tool a little bit and compiled some test apps and ran them to get a feel for XCode, although I still haven't delved into the actual code.

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