April 28, 2011

More on the Mac Mini

Ok, Flash is a dog on this mini - it probably has a lot to do with it being a memory hog for the app I'm running (Cityville, yo!) - and the fact that the mini I got came with 2GB of memory - so off to order more memory - $78 later and I've got 8GB of RAM on order. It looks like Apple made the memory super easy to upgrade in the latest mini - just rotate and pop off the underside of the mini and slot in the RAM - older models look like they were designed to be NOT upgraded.

Also installed another app from the App Store - Trillian - logged in and all my IM accounts came over without a hitch. XCode 4 finished installing last night and I walked through the HelloWorld example (although I was kind of tired so I'll do that again tonight as well as look at building my first iPad app with it).

God, this monitor is huge - I really had no concept of just how big a 24" screen is - but truly, sitting this close on my desk this screen fills up my field of vision quite readily, and then some.

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