April 27, 2012

Politics is ugly

The Republican primary isn't even over yet - but Republican allies (womensrights@obamasaliar.com) are sending cell phone text message SPAM to anyone they can get their hands on (phone number-wise).  I hope and pray that this won't catch on - but I'm afraid that it will.  Will my cellphone now be bombarded with pointless text message spam about who said what?  (Today's message is: Subject: Dems on Women Obama ally Hillary Rosen criticizes stay at home mom's like Ann Romney. Listen 312-569-0397).

Who cares what Hillary Rosen said about a billionaire's wife?  I mean, really!?! Seriously?!  and you need to send this to my cell phone, interrupt my day with political posturing?

Text messages on my cell phone are normally limited to two things - my son needs something and can't get a-hold of me, or someone at work needs something and wants to tell me something important.  The stupid phone beeps at me, and demands my attention - so I have to drag it out of my pocket to see what it says - because it's usually important.  It was the last communication medium I had left that I could rely on being something important rather than be more junk about politics or someone wanting to sell me a car warranty.  I suppose those messages will be next, though.

I would go so far as to say this is 'dirty politics' - smear campaigns are insulting and stupid - and my GOD, man, it isn't even MAY, much less voting season.

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