January 01, 2004

Atkin's awayyyyyyy - doing good this morning - woke up with slight muscle aches all over, some from the bowling last night. We went out to Disco Bowling for New Years. Also, had LOTS of energy last night. New Years Party usually kills my energy and I'm asleep before I drive home. Not the case this time. Also, woke up with almost exactly 8 hours on the sleep clock - not normal for me. I usually drag my ass out of bed about 9-10 on my days off, reluctantly. Had plenty of energy this morn.

Day 1
  • One Ham and Cheese Omelet for breakfast - 1g carbs for the ham?
  • 3/4 lb. of Jumbo Shrimp for lunch (mmmm) - 0 carbs?
  • Salad - 3 cups of lettuce, 1/4 cup tomato, 1/4 cup of bacon, and a low-carb dressing.. Total 12-13 carbs w/dressing/tomato
  • 4 oz of bologna - unsliced.
  • 7 smaller-sized slices of corned-beef with a slice of mozarrella in the microwave (pre-party snack)
  • up to 10 pieces of pepperoni as munching snacks at New Years party
  • 2 finger-sandwiches without the bread (cold cuts/cheese) - about 1 slice total of each

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