May 02, 2004

The End Is In Sight! As of Friday, the semester is done. I've five classes remaining before I finish my B.S. in Computer Science/Programming, and of those, only 2 are required classes. The next semester begins Monday, and I'm taking Database Programming (SQL) and Educational Psychology (an elective). I should be finished taking classes this year, October 22nd. Then I'll shop around for a Master's program, meaning I should think about studying for the GRE, etc. If there is one thing I'm learning from this experience, is that my mind is getting old, and it's hard for me to study material that is completely new to me. Along with everything else in my life, it's hard to study for exams and keep up with the amount of work that is required in some of these classes. Thank god for my experience in some of the field, making some of the classes easy.

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