March 05, 2007

Why People Think Government Is Corrupt

If it quacks like a duck..... Let's see - a city councilman illegally posts political signage on public property. Voting-age teenagers then defaced the signs with stickers proclaiming the illegality of the signs, not necessarily the smartest move, but certainly gets the point across..... So sooner or later the police are called in to resolve the argument. Now the teenagers may be charged, but what about the illegal signs? Well, the (local) government appears to be free to not only pass laws, but also to ignore them for their own convenience. The city attorney has directed the police to ignore the ordinance.

This is not so mind-boggling as it is stupid. The councilman who voted for the ordinance against public political signage no less than 3 years ago is now flaunting the fact that he is free to ignore the laws that he helped pass. So, in America, we can pass all of the laws we want, but our politicians are free to ignore them at their convenience? There should be absolutely no question in Glendora, California come this election. The police chief, city attorney, and city councilman should all be voted out of office. I don't know much about that city's political structure, but if articles of impeachment exist, they should be!

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