March 12, 2007

New Betas - Old Social Networks

I got into the Tangler beta last week, and the Joost beta just today. Tangler is a message board/IM intertwined application, with plans to become the YouTube of the conversation topic. You'll someday be able to post a Tangle onto a message board to bring a discussion from Tangler to anywhere on the web. With an IM-like notification, and an easy posting system, they have some potential to change the face of the message forum on the web.
Through someone I met there, I signed up for Joost today and tried it out. Watched a couple of Mr. Magoo's pretty neat software. It was very smooth, and slick, with content starting not long after I selected it. Hopefully the P2P pays off and they can keep the turn-around time up to the standards the beta users are seeing. The interface was pretty neat, especially some of the widgets you could put on the screen while watching other content.
I also got back onto my Facebook account after some friends hooked up on it. I uploaded some pics there, too. One feature I hadn't seen before is their badge feature - get a load of what it created here...

I guess the Blogdex script screws with that - I'll have to remove the Blogdex code anyways - it doesn't seem to work, and I doubt that it's very useful.

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