September 14, 2000

While examining a local problem with our school district at Hayfield Pyramid Solutions Group, I got to thinking about how American life can never live up to the expectations that appear in TV and other media. The example that hit me was the one where the parents cheerfully yell upstairs to their children to hurry up and get ready for school. It's almost always bright and cheery outside whenever this happens in movies or TV shows, but at MY house, it's not like that. It's still dark. The sun hasn't woken up, and neither have we. Why do kids have to get up at 5:30 AM to get ready for school? What kind of sleep patterns are we teaching them? I put my child to bed at a reasonable 8:30, and thankfully he doesn't have to get up that early yet, but in a few years, he will, especially if they don't build a closer middle school. I think it's a crime to send a sleep deprived child off to school. What do you think?

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